Saturday, September 25, 2010

JUNIEE need help!!give me some comment pls.

I don't know why I feel like damn stress.nothing is going well.I don't like to feel it this way.can anyone tell me?
okay when you see this leave a comment for me pls.I wanna know what you all think about this?
when you have feeling towards a you feel when the girl you like let other guy touch?and the guy is your friend?how you feel?tell me.and it's in the club la.I wanna know am I too sensitive or normal?everyone pls comment pls.girl or guy also can.
do you think guy can do everything to the girls in the club?guy touch the girl in the club is normal?I don't fucking understand their mind.
tell me pls I need to forget it means I'm too sensitive.or I need to protect my girl?don't let the next time happen??tell me pls

Monday, September 6, 2010

wHAt a sAd tUesDay):

what a bad day.i play for one hour poker and i never win one round of it .wtf right?such a unlucky day.lost all my credit.feels so sucky ): and im at pink nearby sunway without anyone beside such a sad motherfucker.swt.

i thought my day will be good.but then unfortunately it's not AT me me from my loneliness.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

gUyS & gIrLs (READ)

Sunday night.3am in the morning and I'm still awake don't know why.the 3rd or 4th day I'm single.I'm always used to my single life.haha.can see chic around.won't feel guilty for my gf.haha(: uni start again after one week holidays.

I feel damn free nowadays,don't know why.and I wanna know why girls like to feel guitly for the ex when you have already broke up with him.don't pls.broken relationship no matter what he do also no use,as a guy don't do stupid thing make girl can't move missed your chance just fuck off and let go.don't be such a bitch hold the girl like some have your own life don't make yourself look like bastard.if you got your way to holdthe girl's heart,you're good but don't ever male girl hard to choose their a guy and not a bastard.

girls,you all should know,you are only one in the world.guys don't know how to appreciate just move on la.why you need to feel guilty or sad.?no point.don't drop your price,better to increase and not decrease.I'm not saying girls are like stock have their price.but every girl also have their own good you stick with your bf but not after break up.for what?the whole world not just one guy,like I said forest is not only have one tree.choose the right one not stick to the wrong one.and hope he will come back to you.NO!!girls are gift to guys from god.want her then appreciate her and don't hurt her,don't want just leave it and move a man!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the day i become single (:

im back to my single life.dont click?ya true i think so.we dont spend much time together.she has her own party and i've my own party with my bunch of brothers.
is a good choice to break and not wait til the moment we both fight a lot and end up like some stupid drama, break up and be and nicole are understanding ppl, dont need do til that stage and we can solve the problem out without any arguing and still can be friends.but no doubts,im happy to be with her for the 1month and 24 regret.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MERDEKA eve?what a night?!?
i cant imagine i pass my merdeka eve like that.
disappointment and disappointment.
HOW THE FUCK can a podium full of guys and not even one girl?
when i saw that scene i saw a lot of WTF running through my mind.
for the FIRST time im scared of going to the dance floor.not even one step nearer.
lucky i had my bunch of brobiee teman me pass the boring night.
i think we should plan for every event 1 month will be better i think.

don't get too deep into it.or else you will get hurt more.purposely or accidentally?!?no one you should think properly.i know is hard to make a choice but at the end you still need to.i know is hard when you see P and when you with her.right?i know how you feel.

relationship cant stay long when you met a guy like this.
you will always find a better one compare to this.
no one is perfect.
stick to it or you just play around?
make your decision.
don't make your situation go til the end of the road,
that time you want to walk back and do it again,
you don't have the chance anymore.
chance is just giving to you once and not twice.take it or leave it?thats all.
dont blame and dont lie.
relationships are not marriage,
choose who you want,
you should know this better than everyone.

written by
juniee (:

Monday, August 16, 2010

what a day

i had my lunch with my dearest,nicole.damn happy to see her again after so long.which is errrr...3 that consider long?
today was a tiring day.had my buss stats test with wengfoong anna and seems quite easy but i dont think i can get more than half.which means im taking the test without getting any marks at the end.stupid right?
raining heavily after our test.couldnt get wf's car but then rattie went and take his car and drove into foyer and fetch us.goooddd brobieeee.
went solaris shisha with my gang,-fat shark,rattiee,menslut,actor,bear and slut.
reached home damn tired but then nothing to do and i couldnt sleep so post this shit up.LOL

Saturday, August 14, 2010

juniee's blog is back(:

i just read back all the blog that ive been posted damn funny.i admit that what i say about all the girls got something on with me,i said the same thing.i dont know why.maybe that time i seriously feel that way but then after some time is not the same.the feeling change damn fast.i dont know how to explain about that.but then is true i said the same things about them.
sounds so stupid right?

but after so long i found one girl,yes i got something on with her,lesser than 1 month and we got together.ppl always said dont know a person too long only get together.cause you got the chance to know her better and not know about everything only get together.maybe some of them can last long but then guys are like that,feel bored easily.i think all the girls will agree this.

is easier for you to last long with your another half is that try to know her better as the time goes.this will help the relationship.for me,i just got mine.the moment i spent with her is not long but then she can give me the feeling which i never have true.after think twice only i wrote this.

the warm you gave me,i really appreciate it.
the way you kiss me,
the way you hug me,
stay in my heart.
will never goes off.

damn long never blog d dont know how anymore?hahaa.
and i wanna tell everyone all my brobieees' new name.LOL
wengfoong-fat shark
zeezheng-short boy